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Dr. Lee approaches every case conservatively, achieves a healthy and natural smile with her discern eyes and exceptional hand skills. She studies patients’ cases with detailed photography from treatment planning phases to final follow up visits to achieve the most ideal outcome. She collaborates with the finest ceramists to create lifelike smiles.

Composite (Bonding)

Your composite bonding can be done to match your original teeth more naturally. Dr. Lee uses her special technique to prevent them from looking old and stained.

Internal Bleaching

When there is a history of past root canal treatment on front teeth, some teeth can become discolored. Internal bleaching can be done to lighten up the shade to match other front teeth.

Smile Makeover with Veneers, Crown with Gum Recontouring.

This young female scientist presented with a main concern, “I want to brighten my smile, I don’t like the shape of my teeth. It is stressful when I smile.”

Dr. Lee treated the patient with a combination of gum recontouring, teeth whitening, 5 porcelain veneers and a porcelain crown using light but still natural shade for her smile makeover. As a result, she was able to create more balance in the shape and it brightened up her smile and face. She said, “Finally, it is a lot easier to smile now!” We shouldn’t get stressed when we smile.

Front Tooth Restorations

One of the most difficult cases in dentistry is single front tooth restorations, especially restoring one central incisor. Dr. Lee approaches every case in the least invasive ways to create the most natural and beautiful smile with her discern eyes and exceptional hand skills. She collaborates with the finest ceramists to exceed patients’ expectations.

Crown on Central Incisor

This young patient in mid 30’s presented with discolored old composite bonding on one of his central incisors. He wants to have a new crown matching his other teeth. Proportion of old bonding made the tooth bigger than the next tooth. When the crown is contoured properly, we can achieve perfect symmetry with the tooth next to it.

Crown on Central Incisor After Root Canal Treatment

Patient needed to get a root canal treatment due to past dental trauma. Tooth was restored with a crown after root canal treatment.

Crowns on Fractured Central Incisors

This female patient presented with fractured central incisors due to dental trauma. Pt has very light colored teeth, the shade was even lighter than the lightest teeth color in the dental shade guide. With a custom combination of the porcelain material, the patient can have her natural looking front teeth back, they look brand new.

Implant on Central Incisor

This patient presented after dental trauma, had a severe fracture on one of his central incisors. The tooth was not restorable, the implant was placed by an oral surgeon after tooth extraction. Provisional implant crown(temporary crown) was made by Dr. Lee during the transition period. Final crown was created to match his other teeth, the patient can’t be happier now.

Implant on Canine

This young female patient had an impacted canine, orthodontic treatment was done to pull #11, the tooth did not move. The patient had an implant placed by a specialist, and the crown was created by Dr. Lee to match her natural smile.


Dr. Lee can help you to improve your occlusion (bite) with Invisalign treatment to make your smile healthier and last longer. We can close spaces between teeth, correct teeth crowding, use it before crowns/veneers to achieve the most ideal outcome.

Invisalign Crowding

Pt had severe crowding and rotation of her teeth. Invisalign treatment was done, now her occlusion is improved and teeth are aligned better.

Invisalign Crowding

Pt got braces as a teenager, had a relapse. Aligner was used to correct severe crowding on lower teeth and align upper teeth better.

Invisalign Treatment and Composite Bonding

This patient wanted to improve his smile before his wedding in 10 month. Invisalign was used to straighten his teeth and composite bonding was done to improve the shape of front teeth.

Invisalign Closing Spaces Between Teeth

Spaces(gaps) between teeth can be closed with Invisalign treatment.


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